We can help you choose bricks for your new home or match bricks for a renovation. We can advise on DIY landscaping and best products to suit your outdoor projects, or refer you to a Landscaper.

We will provide you with expert advice and answer your questions, assist you with pick up and provide onsite delivery, give you samples, assist with product matching and organise pallet collection.

We love seeing our customers building and landscaping projects come to life and that’s why our customers have kept coming back again and again for over 40 years…

Darling Downs Brick Sales - 19 Markelee Street Toowoomba

Start seeing your building or outdoor project come to life by walking through our bricks, pavers, retaining wall blocks, concrete sleepers and DIY Firepit displays. Take your time and wander through our wide range of bricks, retaining wall blocks, pavers, grey blocks, concrete sleepers, pebbles, gravel, mulch, pier and wall caps. Be inspired as you start to see your dream home or outdoor space take shape!

Visit us and ask our Sales team about the best product for your project, product and colour matching, DIY, trends, quantity needed, price and cleaners and sealers.


Samples can be particularly helpful when you are choosing colours, colour matching and renovating. They will assist you to make your final product decision.

If you would like samples of bricks, blocks or pavers, phone us NOW on 07 4633 3311.

Brick Matching Service

With over 40 years in the industry, we are the experts in brick, blocks and pavers matching. This can be particularly handy when matching bricks and blocks for older homes and renovations. For example, our Full Cream Sandstock Bricks may be a match for discontinued Ascot Bricks.

By getting the closest possible match, you will ensure that your project retains its original integrity. You also may be able to increase the size of your home, retaining wall or paved areas.

Visit us with a sample of your building or landscaping product, or email an image to [email protected] or contact us on 07 4633 3311.

Pallet Collection

Phone us at Darling Downs Brick Sales on 07 4633 3311 or email [email protected] for enquiries about pallet collection.

Return and Recycling

When your building and landscaping projects are complete, don't send left over bricks, blocks and pavers to landfill. Help save the environment and recycle!

We encourage all customers to bring back any number of left over bricks, blocks and pavers, free of charge to Darling Downs Brick Sales. Products must be clean, not broken and in good condition, otherwise we cannot accept them.

If you have a half a pack or more of left over bricks, or half a pallet or more of blocks or pavers that are clean, not broken and in good condition, we will pick them up for FREE. The products must be stacked neatly on a pallet and have no timber, paper, plastic, metal or other foreign materials with them. The pallet needs to have access for a 2.7m wide x 2.7m high forklift to pick up.

Phone us on 07 4633 3311 or email [email protected] to let us know what left over products you have, how many and where they are located. We will send a Truck with a Forklift to pick them up.