For more than 39 years, Darling Downs Brick Sales has offered customers first class service and expert advice on bricks, pavers, retaining wall blocks, concrete blocks & landscape supplies.

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Ivar Lundgaard, Managing Director

Ivar is an experienced and dedicated Managing Director. He has a strong work ethic and has worked at Darling Downs Brick Sales since the beginning, over 39 years ago. With so many years in the industry, Ivar has a great eye for Danish design and is an expert matcher of bricks, blocks and pavers. You can also give Ivar your project dimensions and he can assist with how many bricks, blocks or pavers you need.

Ivar is so passionate about excellent customer service, he founded Dantrans Pty Ltd 39 years ago, to provide reliable and safe delivery of products to customers. Today, Dantrans is a purpose-built fleet of Volvo trucks with all-terrain forklifts. Today, Dantrans provides door to door delivery for Darling Downs Brick Sales customers. Dantrans also delivers for all industry leading building manufacturers including National Masonry, PGH Bricks, Adbri Masonry and Austral.

Ivar is well known and highly respected within the building and heavy transport industry. He maintains strong relationships with customers, builders, suppliers and employees, spanning many years.

Ivar remains passionate about selling bricks, blocks and pavers, providing customers with good value, and excellent delivery services. His motto remains “Hardly a challenge!”

How long have you been with Darling Downs Brick Sales?
I’ve been here since the beginning 1984.

What is your favourite DDBS product?
When you have owned and worked in a company for as long as I have, you love all the products you sell. It’s like your children, you’re not allowed to have favourites. However, I do like Aspenstone Pavers in Buttermilk. They’re a larger profile paver being 600x400mm and they have a smooth river washed texture in a creamy colour.

What has been your favourite moment at DDBS.
I have a few favourites -
When you have worked in the same business for over 39 years, you deal with repeat customers, Tradie’s and Reps. Many of them have become friends. It’s really enjoyable assisting customers with their bricks and landscaping choices. It’s also always good to catch up.

It has also been very positive since we moved DDBS to our Store and Display here in Markelee Street in 2019. We get so many positive comments from customers.

Kim Lundgaard, General Manager

Kim joined the family business and team at Darling Downs Brick Sales as General Manager in July 2011.

What are your favourite DDBS products?
That’s easy. I love bricks and pavers. They come in such a wide variety of colours, shapes and textures. They have a million different uses – building, paving, paths, mailboxes, walls, paths, steps, seats. You name it. They are strong and resilient building products that can look modern or old worldy and still stand the test of time.

What has been your favourite moment at DDBS?
I really enjoy when our customers send me images of their completed projects. Many of them will have initially contacted me through this Online store, Facebook Marketplace or Instagram. It’s so great to see their projects come to life.

Daryl Bridgman, Sales

How long have you been with Darling Downs Brick Sales?
3 Years

What is your favourite Darling Downs Brick Sales product?
The NV Brick Range. There are a lot of very highly sought-after colours and styles and they look great. They also always have something unique that comes out of the kiln that is a one off production and they’re always the best looking bricks.

What has been your favourite moment at DDBS?
Finding and matching those hard-to-get bricks. You never get it exact but it’s great when you find something really close that matches a 30 plus year old brick.

Wendy Bogg, Finance
Dave Chitham, Storeman and Casual Truck Driver

How long have you been with Darling Downs Brick Sales?
9 years as a Truck Driver and 3 years as Storeman and Customer service.

What is your favourite DDBS product?
Our range of pebbles. There is such a large variety of colours and sizes, which allows people to use their creative imagination.

What are your favourite moments at DDBS?
I like seeing the customers expressions when they see our huge range of products. There's just so many bricks, blocks and pavers to choose from.