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Weight 4.0 kg Dimensions: 225 × 112 × 80 mm Paver Type:

Concrete Paver

Number Per M2:


Category: Pavers Brand: SKU: NMIPNGTWB

Interlocking segmental paving engineered for high volume traffic and able to withstand heavy loading. Interpave is ideal for large carparks, hardstands, driveways, and areas that need to withstand heavy vehicle loading. Interpave outperforms traditional concrete and asphalt pavements as the greater the turning load, the stronger they interlock.

Streetpave pavers SP80 can be used as a finishing touch or header course for Interpave IP80. Streetpave can also be used on its own as an attractive brick-shaped driveway paver that’s suitable for heavy trucks when laid correctly.


Charcoal, Natural Grey.


  • Outstanding heavy load performance.
  • Excellent skid resistance.
  • Proven durability.
  • Can use with poor foundation support.
  • Low maintenance and easy to repair.
  • For large orders, Interpave IP80 may be custom made with 0 or 3 or 4 halves per layer and 46 full pavers per layer, with 8 layers per pallet. Please check current availability for each type before ordering.
  • Streetpave SP80 can be used as a header course for Interpave IP80 or on its own.
  • Capable of machine laying for fast and cost-effective installation.
  • High quality oxide pigments for long lasting colours (Charcoal only).
  • Manufactured in Qld, to meet strict Australian Standards.

Examples of Uses

  • Airports
  • Car Parks
  • Container Terminals
  • Driveways
  • Heavy vehicles
  • Ports
  • Roadways

Number per Pallet

Interpave IP80 No Halves, 225x112x80mm, Weight 4.25 KG ea, 40 per M2, 368 per Pallet.

Interpave IP80 Standard, 225x112x80mm, Weight 4.25 KG ea, 40 per M2, 380 (368 full + 24 Half) per Pallet.

Interpave IP80 Extra Halves, 225x112x80mm, Weight 4.25 KG ea, 40 per M2, 380 (384 full + 32 Half) per Pallet.

Streetpave SP80 Standard, 225x112x80mm, Weight 4.25 KG ea, 40 per M2, 400 per Pallet.

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