Viper Multi-Purpose Masonry Cleaner 5 Litres IN YARD

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Weight 5.00 kg Category: Cleaners and Sealers Brand: SKU: VI5TWB

Viper Multi-Purpose Masonry Cleaner

Viper is a safe, green acid replacement, multipurpose solution used for removing concrete and mortar smear, calcium, lime, tile grout, efflorescence and etching concrete.

A safe solution for removing –

  • Concrete
  • Grout Smear
  • Mortar Smear
  • Metal Corrosion
  • Efflorescence Salts
  • Calcium and Lime Scale
  • Also cleans and etches concrete.

Will not damage painted surfaces, glass, rubber, colorbond, electrical systems, and most construction materials.

Features and Benefits 

  • Non corrosive
  • Non fuming
  • Non toxic
  • Safe on skin
  • No transport risks
  • No storage risks
  • Eco friendly
  • Biodgradable in 10 days
  • Clings to vertical surfaces
  • Can be sprayed or foamed on
  •  Dilutable with water
  • Mitigates acid related issues
  • Safer on construction metals and hardware
  • Lab tested by Australian brick manufacturers
  • Will not damage painted surfaces, electrical systems, glass, rubber. seals etc.

For use on –

Bricks, blocks, concrete, pavers, tiles, masonry products and surfaces.

Surfaces to take care with –

Concrete (unless you want to clean or etch it), anodised aluminium, zinc and galvanised steel. These surfaces can be managed by not leaving on too long and rinsing sufficiently with water. A test patch is always advised.

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