Mortex Premix Mortar (Charcoal) 20KG Bag TOOWOOMBA

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64 bags

Category: Cement, Sand & Related Products Brand: SKU: AMMCL20YARD

Mortex takes the guess work out of mortar blending and reduces the potential for under strength, non compliant mortar use which can ultimately reduce potential liabilities and save money and time on rectifications.

Mortex is a preblended mixture of cement, specially graded sand, lime and admixtures which creates a high quality mortar blend when combined with water.

Mortex is a factory produced M4 premixed mortar to the requirements of AS3700:2001 Table 10.1. With the adoption of ISO9001:2008 principles, the mortar constituents are accurately measured and blended in a controlled environment to ensure consistent, homogeneous mortar is produced on-site.

Mortex Cement Features and Benefits


Mortex is factory manufactured which means it is quality controlled and tested to ensure the mix provided is consistent. It also ensures enhanced structural adequacy as the strength variation of batches is reduced when compared to site blending mortar.


Mortex and M4 rated which means it is the strongest mortar blend specified in the Australian standards.


Mortex is pre-bagged ready for use and only requires the addition of clean water. Selected sands, lime, cement and admixtures have been blended together to produce the product.


Mortex is highly workable and cohesive, with a long board life.


Standard mortar requires a labourer mixing defined proportions of cement, sand, lime and admixtures on site. Because these components are premixed, Mortex simply requires water to be added to the mix which can save time and labour costs.


Mortex provides a weather resistant and durable mortar and is suitable for most brick and block applications.


Standard mortars blended on site rely on trades to mix the correct proportions of ingredients to achieve a compliant mortar mix. Moretex is preblended to ensure that, when mixed according to the noted specifications, it will comply with Australian standards AS3700:2001.


Pick-up or delivery

Available for pick-up or we can deliver to exactly where you need this product onsite using Dantrans Pty Ltd, our purpose built fleet of 7 Volvo trucks with moffett forklifts, one large 6-tonne lift Volvo crane truck and 1 small crane truck.

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